How to ditch the pacifier / dummy

I have to be honest this was shear fluke!

So, after having another crazy day of training clients, meetings, social media research…Oh and a quick mop round.  I found my toddler upstairs screaming at Alfonso (the pug pup…now nearly 15 weeks).  Alfonso had very smugly commandeered one of Rocco’s dummies.

I could not help but chase the dg round trying to get a perfect snap shot of him with a “I love Daddy” pacifier…love it LOL!

Once the storm settled I just simply said to Rocco.  “Rocco, poor Alfie is teething he needs something to help with his little teeth, can Alfie have your dummies to help him”.  Rocco’s response; “OoooooooKaaaaay Mummy”.  Easy!  Now, let’s just see what happens when we give him all the dummies in the house LOL!

I have heard a few amazing ideas for helping your little one give up the bottle (as in milk, not booze I hope)!  One personal favourite of mine.  The next time you visit Santa’s Grotto (I know, bit of a wait…but seriously genius).  Tell your little one to give his/ her bottle to Santa to show what a good boy  / girl they are, and also to show Santa you are old enough to receive big boy toys!

LOVE IT! One down…just Santa’s Grotto with the bottle to go!!

Do you have any gems to add?IMG_6716  We would love to hear from you.

Best wishes

Maria, Rocco and Alfonso


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