How to make time for your “mini me”

Finding time for the little people in your life can be sooooo challenging.

I honestly love nothing more than taking time for a chat with my mini man.  It seems so hard to balance everything in todays seriously hectic society.  Many of us have actually lost sight of what is important in life.

How many times has your little one been crying out for your attention?  I don’t know about you but Rocco will literally hang off my legs whilst I try to cook dinner, and literally pull on your clothes shouting “Mummy’ when I am  trying to make that all important phone call.

Our little one’s will do anything to gauge our attention; being naughty is often a desperate attempt to get all eyes on them.  For your little one, any attention is better than none.

My top tip for making time for your little people is…

  • Make little small changes every day.  Small changes overtime, amount to huge changes long term.  Just allowing yourself an extra five minutes at bath time, and extra ten for a story before bedtime for example, will make a huge difference to your little one.
  • Switch off completely when you spend time with your little one.  Free yourself from your phone, Tv and laptop. Give your little one your all
  • Finally, how nice is it to feel wanted?  Allowing yourself to feel the love from your buba is the best oxytocin  hit ever!  Hugs heal everything, the best stress reliever EVER!

Remember; you will never get this time back.  One day you will not be bathing your child, cleaning their teeth or changing nappies.

In the blink of an eye life changes.

Enjoy your cuddles

Rocco and Maria




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