How to spend TIME ALONE as a COUPLE!!!

Well…one simple solution GET A BABY SITTER!  If you are lucky you may have some siblings, or good friends near by who would look after your kids for the fun of it!  If not, like us we go on recommendations / or referrals for the best baby sitters.

Making time as a couple is soooooo ESSENTIAL!  One word of advise though…try and keep the topic off of the kids!  Remember who you guys are!  Yes you are parents, but inside you are still two sexy young things who need a bit of an ego boost, and a good time!

Do not check your phone every five minutes to see if the sitter has messaged you.  Try and relax and enjoy your time together.

Think about what you would really like from your time together.  

One of our first dates was a trip to go and see the latest James Bond.  We had not booked tickets, so literally lie in our up rights seats , right in the front row staring up at the screen.  My eyes got so tired chasing the action around the screen (and after 4 months of no sleep lol), I was literally asleep within the first 15 minutes!  Wern actually woke me, most put out, and said:  “Are you bored?!”  I replied with a”…No angel, I’m really happy and comfortable”.  Within minutes I was purring once again!  My advise don’t go anywhere that is dark with a seat…when you are knackered no amount of noise, or rustling of popcorn is going to keep you awake!

Do not put too much expectation on the night…If you book a night away for a bit of kinky time…be prepared to see that bed, have a bath or shower, order room service, watch a movie, and once again fall asleep sitting up!  The idea of getting a full nights sleep as a new mum, is I’m afraid to say it but more appealing than sex…especially in the first 4-6 weeks…hell…who am I kidding…first bloody year!

Which brings me to my next point…make time for sex…even if it’s the last thing you feel like doing, because you’ve not found time to go for a wax, or add a little fake tan to cover up your stretch marks…who bloody cares?!   Life is too short, and once you bloody do it your lady parts will wake once more, making you want to plan time for more sexy time!

Rant over

Happy date night everyone





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