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Welcome to Toddler Talk UK

The blog site dedicated to all things toddler

As a mum of a very busy two year old boy, I felt that there was a need to build an online community of likeminded parents looking out for their little ones basic needs.  I am certainly not an expert!  We all have amazing pearls of wisdom to offer when it comes to bringing our little angels up; from tips on getting your little one to eat, to finding the best kid friendly places to eat out.

Admittedly I was a bit naive as a first time mum.  I had spent four years playing a good time parent, and mate to my beautiful step son Dash.  I thought being a mum was a breeze!  Dash, a now devastatingly handsome eleven year old, was the most chilled out four year old I had ever met.  We used to call him “baby Buddha”. The son I bare from my loins…Master Rocco -Phoenix, could not of been any different.  To say that my two year old runs our household is an understatement!  Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely worship the spirit, strength, and drive of my little man, but let’s just say sometimes those qualities can really get on your tits, if you do not have the tools to nurture their strengths in the right way!

I’m calling on all you wonderful parents out there to use this site as a wonderful reference tool to help nurture, support, and develop not just our wonderful offspring, but us as parents too!

This site is dedicated to all things toddler, so recommendations on the best clothing, nappies, holiday destinations, food, recipes, sleep routines, nurseries, childminders…you name it, we want to hear from you! Your opinion counts.

Let’s get this show on the road…

Warmest wishes





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